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Welcome to The Life of Purpose, dedicated to finding solutions to your daily stress and anxiety. We are a group of individuals who strive to make a difference in the lives of our fellow beings.

Presently world is facing an acute problem of stress, anxiety and depression which according to WHO statistics is taking 1 life in every 40 seconds!!!! Isn’t it an irony of our time that depression is causing more deaths than terrorists, tiger, snakes combined. Whom should we fear.  An uncontrolled mind is more harmful than any other cause of death. It is our mind which convince us that we are worthless and useless.  It is our mind which convince us that nobody loves us, nobody need me. It is our mind which makes us perceive a complete negative picture of the world around us where in reality there are a lot to celebrate. So lets come celebrate life not only yours but all around us. Lets not search for the remedy for the stress and depression…Lets prevent it.

Come join us in this effort. Be a volunteer or be a beneficiary whatever you love to.

A who has a higher purpose doesn’t get depressed so easily. So lets make our life The Life of purpose and find your purpose of life.

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